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Taxi - "taxi"

Our dog Taxi was born on 24 November 2014.

He was our first Sheltie ever and our steppingstone into the breeding world.
He is a Tricolour and well compatible with every animal.


He is also the Father of our C-, H- and K-litters

Fussel vom Schloß Ramstedt - "Fussel"

Fussel was born on 08.03.2015.
She is a dark sable and is enthusiastic about humans and animals.
Fussel is also the mother of our A-, C-, E- & J-litters

Celtsdale Charm 'N Grace - "Charlotte"

 Charlotte was born on 14.05.2015.
She is a rather big blue-merle and the calm soul in our pack.
Charlotte has a relaxed soul and a lot of patience with puppies. But when it comes to playing ball, she is on fire.


Charlotte is the mother of our B-, G-, K & R-litters, which add up to about 19 puppies!

Athene von der alten Birke - "aTHENE"

Athene was born on 09.08.2017 by our Fussel.
She is a dark sable and outside of her pack sometimes kind of shy. But she has all the attitude of a only-child she could have gotten!

She is the mother of our D-, F-, L & Q-litters.

Bonsai von der alten Birke - "Bonsai"

Bonsai was Born on 13.07.2018 by our Charlotte.  He's a little Hooligan and likes to encourage others to play with him, especially when there's a frisbee. 


Bonsai is the father of our N-litter.

Cleopatra von der alten Birke - "Cleo"

Our Cleo was Born on 02.12.2018 by Fussel. She is a very self-confident and cuddly sable girl. In our opinion, she is the perfect combination of our Taxi and our Fussel.


She is the mother of our I-, N- & O-litters

Dorie von der alten Birke - "Dorie"

Dorie is the first daughter of our Athene and she was born on 04.03.2019. She is our small Guardian, always jumping up at the smallest sounds and barking the big danger away. This little bouncy ball is full of joy and she is the biggest fan of our Charlotte. 


Dorie is the mother of our H-, M- & P-litter.

Xaadi vom Birkenwappen - "Xaadi"

Xaadi was born on 18.01.2021 and is one of the first dogs we bought in a while. He was brought up by Gabriele Uelpenich and her awesome pack, that still visits us from time to time. 

We love to say that Xaadi is the "world's best puppy uncle", because he not only cares, plays and raises them. No, he can also make age differences between pups and therefore knows, how long and how much he can play with them.  

Xaadi is our "one-in-a-million" dog, with not only perfect health/DNA-results. Xaadi is the father of our P-, Q- & S-Litter puppies.

Lady Lafayette von der alten Birke - "Schlaffi"

Lafayette - lovely called "Schlaffi" was a puppy from our L-litter by Athene and L'ete Sera Latino des Lutins de Cassiopee. We kept her because we just couldn't say "No" to her sweet big eyes and her excellent characteristics, that fits so nicely into our pack. 

She's a handful of energy that could play forever, but she is also very sensible (just like her mother)

Schlaffi is the mother of our S-Litter. 

Ottilie die Lilie von der alten Birke - "Ora"

Ora is out of our Cleopatra x Sherman litter and wrapped us around her paws since she was born! As we could sadly not keep her ourselves, we started searching for a great home for her. On that search we luckily came across Lena and could even agree on a Co-Ownership over Ora! 

Ora is therefore growing and mature with Lena and we are keeping in constant contact!

Riku's Runa von der alten Birke - "Runa"

As the only girl in our last Charlotte litter, the decision was already made - Runa will stay!

She is on the outside, as well as on the inside an exact copy of her beautiful father Otto - just a touch more feminine! We are very excited for her to mature and grow up with us.

Her name originates from her father "supposed-to-be" call name - which would have been "Riku". As we wanted her call name to be "Runa" we quickly agreed on "Riku's Runa" for her pedigree name to once again undermine her extreme resemblance to her dad!

Ring Ding Dong von der alten Birke - "Shinee"

 Our Shinee is from our last Charlotte litter - making him Runa's brother, as well as our first own blue merle male we have ever kept ourselves! 

Together with Julie he will move to Berlin while she continues her studies and live there. As of now, he is maturing beautifully into a handsome young male.

His pedigree name "Ring Ding Dong" and call name "Shinee" may seem very unique and random, but "Ring Ding Dong" is a K-Pop song by the group "Shinee". It is about falling in love, which is exactly what happened to us!

Karady Best of Both Worlds for Birkenshelties - "Theodor"

Theo ist unser Ungarn-Import nach "CIB, BIS Lundecock's Final Salute" und "CIB, BIS Elegancka W'rozka Asketila". 

Als wir damals von dieser super Verpaarung gehört haben, haben wir uns dazu entschieden all den Mut zusammen zu nehmen und Eliza Hajdu, Theo's Züchterin, anzuschreiben! Seit 24.03.2024 verstärkt er unser Team und verzaubert die Herzen aller Menschen, die ihn treffen! Mit seinem Charakter passt er perfekt zu unseren Hunden - genauso unerschrocken, aufgeschlossen und verrückt!